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Hi everyone 🙂

We want to really encourage you to take some time during the week to read the passage and write down your thoughts to the questions. 

Prep for next class

Stephen’s Group:

This week, we’re going to have think about a prophet called Jeremiah, who lived in a time when the people had forgotten God. 

Read: Jeremiah 1:1-10, 26:8-15

Think: Why is it sometimes hard to share God’s word to people in our society today? What might make Christians anxious or afraid to speak?

Jeffrey’s Group:

This week, we’re continuing to look at the subject of worship.

Read: Psalm 145

Think: What do we learn about the nature and content of praise in this Psalm? What sort of things does David identify in God’s character and works?

*Also, do send us any of your big questions about God, the Bible or life here … and we’ll include as many as we can in our short series of Q&A videos!