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Happy New Year folks!

We’re sad that we won’t be able to meet in person for Bible Class for the next 6 weeks, but we hope that this blog will encourage you to do more thinking and learning in your own time, as you get serious about seeking the truth and growing in wisdom!

Every week, Jeffrey and I will post some short readings and questions to help you prepare for class. As someone once said to me, “the more you put into Bible Class, the more you will get out of it”.

Prep for next class

Stephen’s Group:

This week, we’re looking at a really important section of the prophecy of Isaiah that describes how God will provide salvation for Israel as well as the nations. At the centre of God’s plan of salvation is a special person described as the Lord’s Servant.

Read: Isaiah 52:7, Isaiah 53:1-12 and Isaiah 55:6-7

Jeffrey’s Group:

This week, we’re looking at the subject of worship.

Think: What do you think worship is and how do you think we can worship God?

See you all on Sunday at 3pm 🙂