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And now, here are some things worth thinking about: 

The Slave Who Escaped

(Watch) My friend David Williamson shares the story of Saint Patrick. This will give you a really interesting insight into his life as a Christian.

The Good Book? (part one)

(Read) This is the first part of series of blog posts from another friend, Paul McCauley: “One of the things that people understandably object to is that slavery seems to be condoned in the Bible. There are instructions in both the Old Testament and the New Testament on how to treat slaves. Why would God allow such an evil practice? Here are three things to keep in mind …”

How is Christianity’s Message of Salvation Different from other Religions? 

(Watch) Christianity is a religion of grace, and God reveals His grace through His Word. Stephen Nichols identifies what sets the Christian faith apart from all other religious ideas.

In The Name

(Read) Ed Welch: “When we pray, we usually end our prayers with “in the name of Jesus” (John 16:23). It is our custom. A habit. I heard a song recently that repeats—and repeats—a line about love for the name of Jesus. But if we repeat anything often enough, does it devolve into nonsense syllables? Psalm 23 uses the phrase, “for his name’s sake.” Does it slow you down or do you skip over it? A phrase like “in the name of Jesus” is too crammed with meaning to be spoken with little awareness of what is being said.”