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You can check out the readings and prep questions for this Sunday’s classes here 🙂

And here are a few things worth taking the time to think about:

Who is God?

(Video) There’s nothing more relevant than the whole issue of God. Either God exists or He doesn’t. And both of those options have massive, massive ramifications and relevance for all of us. Is there a purpose to life? Is there a value on human beings? Is there meaning in my suffeirng? Is there hope beyond the grave? The existence of God is key to all of these questions. So, everyone of us should think about this whole issue of is there a God, what’s He like, and how can I know Him?

Apple’s Logo and Eden’s Forbidden Fruit

(Read) If you haven’t thought about the temptations of smartphones before, then you should read this.”The essence of Satan’s temptation to Eve was the idea that she could be like God … Ever since, humanity has been constantly tempted to pursue god-like knowledge and power, but on our own terms. The personal smartphone—epitomized in Apple’s iconic iPhone—comes as close as anything in human history to approximating god-like knowledge and power. Even the name, smart-phone speaks to its claim on superior knowledge. The promise it makes to users sounds awfully close to the temptation that sucked in Eve.”

The Christian and Cancel Culture

(Read) ‘The celebrated “tolerance” of our world is quickly evaporating. Diversity of appearance is welcome, but not diversity of opinion, especially if that opinion is based upon the truth of God’s Word. Incredibly, as God Himself is being cancelled, He still offers Himself in grace as the only hope for sin-sick souls. Let’s make sure we represent Him well, even if we do get cancelled.’

The Perfect Planet

(Read) This article takes a look at the recent BBC series “A Perfect Planet” from a biblical perspective. For example, “Mankind’s actions have changed this earth, but God’s actions are bringing and will bring restoration.”