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You can check out the readings and prep questions for this Sunday’s classes here 🙂

And here are a few things worth taking the time to think about:

Three Ways to Dig Deeper into Scripture

(Short Read) This is a short and simple and very useful article. If you’re ever struggling to read your bible, just look for the three P’s.

Irrelevant Relevance

(Short Read) Paul’s latest blog post makes a really important point about the resurrection of Jesus. “We could stop talking about the resurrection, and maybe some people will think we are relevant, and they will listen to us, but it will be an irrelevant relevance because we would have nothing to say. The most relevant message we can bring to a dying world is ‘Jesus and the resurrection’ (Acts 17:18).

How My Papa Became a Christian 

(Audio) This is a recording of my grandfather Leonard Mullan. He lived from 1918-2004 and was born the year WW1 ended, and the Spanish Flu pandemic began. He grew up in “Carnlough by the sea”, from where he would eventually go to Japan to serve the Lord as a missionary.

Sin in the Christian’s life

(Video) If you haven’t already watched our Q&A video on “What the Bible says about Sin in the Christian’s life?”, here’s the link.