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And here are a few things worth taking the time to think about:

What I Learned in 2020

(1 Minute Read) If you were to sum up what you learned in 2020, I wonder what you would say?

Loyal Love

(Video)What does it mean to say that God is overflowing with loyal love? This animated video explores the Hebrew word for “loyal love” that is used in a great description of God in Exodus 34:6. 

Do atheists know there is a God?

(Video) Can we use arguments to convince people that he exists? If people reject God because of a darkened and sinful mind, then Is it worth trying at all? Shouldn’t we just walk by faith? Here is a short little taster video – featuring R.C. Sproul – that touches on these questions.

And speaking of R.C. Sproul, I love this quote: