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Remember to check out the readings and questions for this Sunday’s classes here.

And here are a few things worth taking the time to think about:

Daily Prayer

(1 Minute Read) Another really helpful little post from David: “God is truly there, and He is a personal God who carefully listens to us as we speak to Him. Prayer, therefore, should characterise every believer. It should not be restricted to special occasions.”

Tender Friend

[From Stephen] I’m currently reading a book called “Gentle and Lowly” by Dane Ortlund. It’s about the heart of Christ for sinners. I just finished chapter 12, which is all about Christ the friend of sinners. Of course, He is the King of kings and Lord of lords, but He has also come near to welcome sinners to himself. Have a read at this excerpt:

Jesus the tender friend

The Temptations You Triumph

(4 Minute Read) “Preparedness for battle does not start when someone shouts, ‘Incoming!’ The victory is won by understanding the strategies of the enemies and by being armed and alert.”

Beautiful Eulogy – According to God

[From Jeffrey] Christian hip hop may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is soul-refreshing to see a genre of music so associated with immorality and materialism used to the glory of God. Hip hop provides a unique way to express the depths and riches of biblical theology. This is one beautiful example. This track deal with finding assurance in response to doubt. It reminds us of what God says about those who have trusted his Son and who stand in his grace.